Scaffolding and Temporary Roof

  • Ren2image1
    1. Phase 2 - Temporary roof from the Malakoff
  • Ren2image2
    2. Phase 2 - Temporary roof from Tate cafe
  • Ren2image3
    3. Phase 1 - Temporary roof from back Road West
  • Ren2image4
    4. Phase 1 - Temporary roof from the beach
  • Ren2image5
    5. Phase 2 - Scaffolding from the beach

The scaffolding and temporary roof are the most obvious signs of a building project under way. This was especially true at Porthmeor, and it could be seen from vantage points all over St Ives.

Porthmeor is a complicated and restricted site, bounded on two sides by neighbouring buildings, a busy road on the third side and the beach on the fourth. This was an impressive scaffolding exercise, especially considering the site constraints and area it had to oversail in a single span.

Construction work was carried out in two phases, and the scaffolding and temporary roof was dismantled and re-erected between phases.