Trewarveneth Overview

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Trewarveneth Studio was built c1900 to serve as the local infants school, and is constructed of dressed granite walls with a slate roof and mostly timber floors. It closely resembles other school buildings of its time, with very high ceilings and large windows, and the building is very light and airy. This feature also made it an excellent working environment for artists, and so when the school closed, it was bought by the artist John Wells.

John Wells and the sculptor Denis Mitchell used Trewarveneth as their studio from 1967 for the rest of their careers. Denis Mitchell died in 1993 and John Wells in 2000, and the building was bequeathed to the Borlase Smart Trust in 2002. Following a programme of repairs, renovations and some alterations, Trewarveneth Studios was reopened in 2007 to provide six artists’ studios.