Christopher P Green

  • Cpgreen1
    Mosca Volante, Neon, glass, electrodes, electrical cables and transformer, 40x120cm approx
  • Cpgreen2
    Christopher Green - Professional Salad Vol.1, Hardcover printed book, 26.5x21cm, 212pages
  • Cpgreen3
    Can’t can Can, 
Acrylic, paper on birch panel, 24x15cm
  • Cpgreen4
    Long hot summer, 
Enamel, acrylic, paper, gesso, graphite, on birch panel, 24x15cm

Christopher P Green

Painting, installation, books
Porthmeor Studios
- Studio 11

My practice is concerned with exploring revision and reinterpretation through the production of paintings and exhibitions. The polymorphic paintings are predominantly conceived as groups. Kept open, they cross-pollinate by way of a faded recollection of past works, or in some cases, the physical transfer of one painting’s content to another. Through this, the works are connected; a sum of both past and future.

Each of my works contribute to a hybrid language in which specific details – thematics, forms, colours and textures – are gestated and often repeated or revisited over time. This manner of revision invokes new connections, in which both personal and interpersonal relations are expounded. It is through the acknowledgement of these links that the fluid idea of ‘composition’ begins to present itself.

Recent exhibitions include ‘On Board II’ curated by Holly Willats, Espacio Vista, Madrid, and ‘Optical Radiation’, Unit 3, London E3 3LT, ‘Christopher P. Green’ at Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London, ‘Vitreous Humour’ at Alma Zevi, Venice, and ‘Works clockwise from entering studio – Part Two’, Material, Mexico City. In 2018, I moved from London to West Cornwall where alongside my studio practice I curate exhibitions through two projects: L.I.E (Library of Independent Exchange) and 41/42.

Images: © Christopher P. Green