Clare Wardman

  • Wardman1
    Installation-Research Wall, 10.09.2015. Auto-ethnographic Sunset Journal in Situ 30 x 22cm.
  • Wardman2
    Installation-Research Wall, 24.04.2015. Solar Drawing, De-collage 80 x 60cm.
  • Wardman3
    Installation-Research Wall, 24.05.2015. Aura-Emilia, Artists Moving Image Digital Film. Collaboration with Iain Robertson..
  • Wardman4
    Installation-Research Wall, 27.12.2015. Assemblage of Gesture Over Time with Oil and Collage on Canvas 110 x 110cm.

Clare Wardman

Expanded Painting. Painting, Drawing, Artist’s Moving Image and Site-specific Installation
Porthmeor Studios
- Studio 7

I combine research with an auto-ethnographic, visual art practice which is open to change and performed in what I describe as an expanded form of contemporary painting involving drawing, photography and photo-etching, collage, decalcomania and collaboration using artist’s moving image.

Process is developed through ‘reflection-in-action’ and ‘reflection-on-action’ to explore relevant connections with philosophy and themes such as aura, trace, copy and haptic knowledge. Recording cognitive action on objects made, collected or found and creating archive journals supports these activities.

Architecturally positioned in situated, studio based practice, the research enquiry of what occurs through occupancy and the phenomena of architectural weathering can locate new, experiential contexts for audience interaction and subject matter to work with. This is being realized in individual works, whilst combining various installation projects both off site in national and international exhibition venues and on site particularly during annual, Open Studio events.