Clare Wardman

  • Wardman1
    Installation-Research Wall, 10.09.2015. Auto-ethnographic Sunset Journal in Situ 30 x 22cm.
  • Wardman2
    Installation-Research Wall, 24.04.2015. Solar Drawing, De-collage 80 x 60cm.
  • Wardman3
    Installation-Research Wall, 24.05.2015. Aura-Emilia, Artists Moving Image Digital Film. Collaboration with Iain Robertson..
  • Wardman4
    Installation-Research Wall, 27.12.2015. Assemblage of Gesture Over Time with Oil and Collage on Canvas 110 x 110cm.

Clare Wardman

Expanded Painting, Artist’s Moving Image, Architectural Intervention, Installation and Performance
Porthmeor Studios
- Studio 7

Clare Wardman’s visual art practice is performed through an engagement with haptic knowledge and sensation to develop a variety of diverse encounters and cognitive experiences within abstract forms. These can be project based durational events such as LACUNA viewer-participatory Wall Work 2012-16, as well as collaborative experiments, for example, Time-Trace-Place 2018, a performative, time based and visual media residency working with classically trained musicians. Her works include architectural interventions and installation especially incorporating the agency of the ‘Open Studio’ platform to bring audiences closer to creative process and making in experiential contexts. Her un-weaving – Flats connect her intuitive sense of materiality – to memory excavation – to philosophical and formalmodernist and post modernist elements of ‘expanded painting’ in an increasingly multi-disciplinary practice ‘open to change’.

Examples of Clare Wardman’s works are held in collections including Bayer plc, University of Edinburgh Art Collection Centre for Research, New Hall Women’s Art Collection, Murray Edwards College the University of Cambridge. In 2015, her film Aura-Emilia was shortlisted and screened at the Cornwall Film Festival.

B.A. Hons (University of Plymouth), MFA (Dis) Falmouth University