Michael Aurel Fowler

  • Mfowler1
    You Clamped in Your Depths - Oil, Mixed media on Fabrianio 120x160 cm (2014)
  • Mfowler2
    Iron Skeleton, Oil on Canvas, 60x40 cm (2014)
  • Mfowler3
    Alice, Oil on Canvas, 82x100 cm (2015)
  • Mfowler4
    Blood In My Mouth For You, Pencil on Fabriano, A4 (2015)

Michael Aurel Fowler

Painting, Drawing, Poetry, Video
Porthmeor Studios
- Studio 9

Born in Bucharest, Romania. Studied at Falmouth School of Art graduating in 2012, Michael is now working and living in St. Ives, his practice explores the mediums of paint, drawing, poetry and video.

Influenced majorly after a number of visits to Eastern Europe between June 2011 and August 2016. The work digs up the past traumas of Eastern Europe’s history and tries to configure where it has left the mentality of people within that region today. The objective is to preservative memory and to never forget. Michael’s imagination is a battle of East meets West, with delicate references and interest in to Roman Mythology, Romani Gypsy Culture and Communism.

His work also is a documentation of his own life and a search for true identity, an isolated voyage of the self. It projects a transitional rebirth from his youth into adulthood to documents his own personal experiences through his Romanian heritage in order to gain understanding of his own placement within society today.

Once home in the safe arms of St. Ives, imagery collected mentally from the trips away is extracted from writing and is then developed into drawings and then further still turned into paintings, each painting is created to achieve loss as well as gain in order to be the best it can be, this theory when applied to his process of making paintings enables strengths as well as insecurities to be buried within the painting.
The two worlds Cornwall and Romania collide dramatically but effectively, a visceral but beautiful place on the canvas is found, creating marks of both delicacy and angst.

‘Michaels work is not something you should think about in bed before falling asleep.
He is going to stay there with you, hell keep you awake.
He is going to kiss you, smoke you, drink you…..
He is going to grab you and squeeze you to get the sweat the tears and pain out of you,
And he’ll make a beautiful painting on the walls of your room with them.
(that’s if you do sleep) it’ll Remind you that no…It was not a dream.’  Marta Timon