Sarah Ball

  • Ball1
    Activist ( Accused series), 13m18cm
  • Ball2
    Activist ii ( Accused series), 13x18cm
  • Ball3
    Immigrant, 13x18cm
  • Ball4
    Romanian, 20x24cm

Sarah Ball

Oil on gessoed panels.
Porthmeor Studios
- Studio 9

Sarah Ball’s works are intricate and diminutive painted portraits concerned with identity.

Her work has explored Alphone Bertillon’s notions of physiognomy – a 19th C perception that there was a connection between an individual’s outward appearance and their inner character. Bertillon, a French police officer applied anthropological techniques to law enforcement and created an identification system based on physical measurements.

Her latest exhibition (‘Immigrants’, Anima-Mundi 2015) was a response to the migration crisis and concerned with identity and nationality. For this she worked closely with the archive at Ellis Island, NY and The Costica Ascinte Archive, Romania.