Simon Williams

  • Swilliams1
    'A bout portant' 2016. 153cm x 123cm
  • Swilliams2
    'Apollonian' 2017. 153cm x 153cm Alkyd Oil on Polyester
  • Swilliams3
    'Steinweiss Swing' 2017. 153cm x 153cm Alkyd oil on Polyester

Simon Williams

Porthmeor Studios
- Studio 19

Simon Williams’ (b1965) paintings feed upon the plethora of visual material accessible in the digital age he draws inspiration from many sources most notably childhood comic books, propaganda posters, graffiti works and advertising.

 My work is a preoccupation with metamorphic, abstracted marks and their inherent chance alignments; exploring new ways to use paint to refine my visual and conceptual vocabulary. These images are intended to challenge the visual perception of the viewer, where sharp edges meet overlaying screened folds of paint, applied in thin layers to create vivid spatial surfaces.

 I deliberately choose to make and modify my own pallet knives and other painting tools, to push paint whilst seeking to contest the conventions and recognizable signature of the paint brush. The working process is a balance between responding to the mark making and stumbling upon unpredicted visual reference through the creation and manipulation of form.”

 Simon is a remarkably inventive artist and his approach to exploring painting, processes and materials echoes the time he has spent problem solving and creating from the ground up as a leading Animatronics Designer in the film industry. From pioneering days working with “Spitting Image” to making moving characters for major blockbuster films such as “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars” to name a few.

 Simon has exhibited widely and in 2016 his work was selected for inclusion in the prestigious “John Moores Painting Prize”, John Walker Gallery, Liverpool.