Sue Webster

  • Suewebster1
    Chaos on Dirty House 2017-2018, 45 litres white masonry paint, 72 cans spray paint
  • Suewebster2
    Sticks with Dicks and Slits, Bronze; installation view at Blain Southern gallery, London 2017 Tim Noble & Sue Webster
  • Suewebster3
    Ugly Poor Dirty and Desperate 2016, Oil Paint Stick on paper 160 x 160 cm
  • Suewebster4
    African Head Studies Dyptich 2017, Bronze, Sue 47 x 35 x 10 cm, Tim 41 x 35 x 12 cm

Sue Webster

Porthmeor Studios
- Studio 9

Sue Webster is a London-based artist who established her reputation whilst working collaboratively with her then partner of 25 years, Tim Noble. Together they came to prominence in the late 1990s having invented the concept of ‘shadow sculpture’ by assembling seemingly random objects into abstract sculptures that transform into representational self-portraits when lit by a single light source. The sculptural potency seemed all the more radical by the use of locally sourced lo-fi materials varying from trash metal, mummified creatures and broken furniture.

Parallel to their shadow investigations, Tim Noble and Sue Webster created a series of light compositions that reference iconic pop culture symbols represented in the form of shop-front-type signage and fairgrounds inherent of British seaside towns, Las Vegas and Times Square.

In 2009, Webster was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Art at Nottingham Trent University in recognition of her contribution to contemporary British Art and influence on younger generations of artists.

In 2015 Webster published The Folly Acres Cook Book, a semi-autobiographical book and is currently working on her second visual biography entitled I Was a Teenage Banshee – My Life Through Siouxsie and the Banshees.