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A St Ives Stroll

A St Ives Stroll
by Megan Jones


This beautiful silk scarf was designed for Porthmeor Studios by Falmouth University Textile Design student Megan Jones, and printed by Beckford Silks.

“Much like the Walk on the Quay series by Terry Frost, artist Megan Jones has drawn her inspiration from a trip to St Ives. This hand drawn design was composed as a reflection of this visit. Shapes within this composition have derived from the routes Jones has walked through St Ives as she ambled around the craggy coastline and the narrow maze-like streets of the town.

The colour and texture of the scarf has been primarily influenced by the weather, depicting the clouded and pluvious skies above St Ives. Reflecting this, the composition has been drawn through the medium of oil pastels to create an ambience of the hazy and misty conditions of the day.

Colour has been drawn from the dark tinted sea that was reflected off the grey skies above with the red buoys that bobbed within the inky waters. Using the Red, White and Blue, Jones feels like it is not only a reflection of her personal experience on that day in St Ives, but also on the magic of the British Seaside.”

34” square, silk twill 10 mommy, hemmed