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Abstract St Ives

Abstract St Ives
by Poppy Thaxter


This beautiful silk scarf was designed for Porthmeor Studios by Falmouth University Textile Design student Poppy Thaxter, and printed by Beckford Silks.

“The project started off with the glass window that Patrick Heron designed for Tate St Ives. I was moved by his use of colour and form, and I was curious about the impact of the Cornish landscape on his work. While exploring the area around St Ives, my eye was caught by the outline of the coast, in particular where the land meets the sky. The rocky cliff edges and calm horizon created a contrast in form. – I found these shapes unique and continued to work with them.

I progressed into collage, and played with these bumpy and rocky shapes while working with my new awareness of colour, and a series of abstract collages were created digitally. The overall effect was that of energy and fun. As my final design I chose a piece that I felt reflected the creative energy of St Ives. The colour and composition was carefully considered, with each shape originating from a part of the St Ives landscape. The colour palette is bold and contrasting, as the blues and oranges stem from the sea and the sky.”

34” square, silk twill 10 mommy, hemmed