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Remains of The Pilchard Fishery of St Ives & West Cornwall

Remains of The Pilchard Fishery of St Ives & West Cornwall
by Dr. John Ferguson


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This absorbing book was written by Dr Ferguson, assisted by St Ives historian and writer Brian Stevens, to record the fast disappearing evidence of the buildings once connected with the Pilchard Industry.

Sadly, historians and industrial archaeologists have largely concentrated their efforts on the mining, china clay and allied industries. It can be argued that this gives a biased picture of Cornish life and industry through the centuries, by ignoring fishing and farming. Much in St Ives has changed due to the tourist industry, and this book is a record of the buildings which have been subsequently been altered.

The author was formerly Deputy Recorder for the St Ives Old Cornwall Society, and assisted by Brian Stevens, was privileged to examine and record many buildings once used for the pilchard industry. Some were purpose built curing cellars while others were domestic but included curing facilities on the ground floor or in the basement.

The layout of the book is simple. There is an introduction to the pilchard fishing industry explaining how it worked, along with a brief survey of the vernacular architecture of the county. Other chapters illustrate the differing cellar types as well as other buildings and structures relating to the fishery. Finally there is an illustrated gazetteer of surviving buildings around the coast of Penwith which are known or thought to have been used in the industry.

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Item Code: PF123