Cellar 4

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Cellar 4 is adjacent to Cellar 3 on the eastern end of the building, but one floor higher. It is at the south east end of the building, and faces both the road and the courtyard. Access is either up a flight of steps from the courtyard, or down a flight from the road.

Its early history is unclear, but intriguing evidence suggests a number of building phases between 1870s and 1900. Its final function was clearly as a pilchard cellar, with four large concrete pilchard tanks, and a trap door in the ceiling to assist with transporting the fish to and from the cellar. However it is unlikely that the tanks were ever used for pilchards.

Until recently Cellar 4 was used by a working fisherman for storing gear and setting nets. However since his retirement, the cellar has been taken over by the Trust and used for Mark Dion’s installation The Maritime Artist.

Photography by Keith Johnson.