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Studio 10 is at the eastern end of the building overlooking the beach, and sits directly over Studio 9. Its external walls are all masonry, and it has a north facing window and skylight.

The studio was originally larger and had three windows overlooking the courtyard, but was reduced during the renovations to accommodate the lift and internal staircase. Previously it was on the top floor, but the building was extended upwards and an additional studio was added (Studio 14).

Studios 9 and 10 may have been the first purpose built artists’ studios in St Ives dating from c1890, with access only from the courtyard, and an internal stairway joining them together. However Studio 10 was later connected through to Studio 12, allowing access directly from the street. This is still the main access, but it can also be reached from the courtyard, which involves following the ramp down to the cellars and then up a flight of steps to the external walkway, then up the internal staircase. Studio 10 has been retained by the Trust for its public programme, and is now called The Borlase Smart Room.

Previous occupants include: Sigisbert Bosch Reitz, Borlase Smart, John Anthony Park, Hyman Segal, St Ives School of Painting.
Current occupant: Borlase Smart John Wells Trust.