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Studio 2 is on the top floor at the north west end of the building overlooking the beach. It is entirely timber-framed, and it has a large north-facing window and skylight.

This studio was the most at risk in the building before the renovation project: the large window was destroyed in a storm in 2007; the valley gutter between studios 1 and 2 had been failing for years and much of the partition wall had rotted out; and the roof slates were all slipping, requiring one entire elevation to be stripped out in 2009 and replaced with temporary sheeting.

The footprint of the studio once included Studio 16 and the corridor as well, but it was subdivided as part of the recent renovation project and to allow access to the new Studio 17. Access is via a new bridge from the main road which spans over the ramp down to the cellars, and includes a couple of steps.

Previous occupants include: John Milne, Peter Blake .
Current occupant: John Emanuel.