Studio 4

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Studio 4 is at the north west end of the building overlooking the beach, and sits directly underneath Studio 2. The north wall is masonry with the remainder timber-framed, and it has a large north-facing window and skylight.

A doorway, since filled in, shows where it was once connected to Studio 5 during the 1930s when it was used as an exhibition space by the St Ives Society of Artists.

The footprint of the studio once included Studio 19 as well, but it was subdivided as part of the recent renovation project. Of the four subdivided studios (Studios 1 to 4), this one retains most closely its original size. Access is from the ramp down to the cellars – there are steps at the top of the ramp.

Previous occupants include: Moffat Lindner, Alfred Hartley, Frances Hodgkins(?), Leonard Richmond, Terry Frost, Patrick Dolan, Tony and Jane O’Malley, Steve Dove.
Current occupant: Felicity Mara.