Studio 6

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Studio 6 is in the middle of the building overlooking the beach, sitting directly on top of Cellar 1, and was originally part of the enormous studio (incorporating Studios 5, 6 and 7) built for Julius Olsson c1895.The north wall is masonry with the remainder timber-framed, and it has a large north-facing window and skylight.

As part of the former Studio 5 complex, it was a very high space (c7.5m), and this height was utilised during the recent renovations to create the new Studio 17 in its roof space.

Access to Studio 6 is either from the courtyard, which involves following the ramp down to the cellars and then up a flight of steps to the external walkway, or level access through the main building entrance (Studio 12 also known as Moffat Lindner Room), taking the lift down one level, and then along the external walkway.

Previous occupants include: Frances Ewan, Tony O’Malley, Roy Walker, Steve Dove, Louise McClary, Ralph Freeman, Richard Nott.

Current occupant: Andy Harper.