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Studio 8 is in the middle of the building overlooking both the beach and courtyard, and sits directly on over Cellar 2. This part of the building is the oldest in the studios complex dating back to the early 1800s, was probably the first building behind the sea wall, and was possibly the first studio along Porthmeor Beach.

American artist Howard Butler recorded that he converted the first studio from a net loft on Porthmeor in 1886, noting “There was no staircase and the loft was reached by a ladder which entered through a trap door in the floor. By pulling up the ladder I was indeed isolated. I found this very serviceable when Simmons, who was an inveterate talker, would come round determined to finish some argument began the night before, and I did not wish to be disturbed.”

Studio 8 is almost square in shape, and with masonry walls on all sides. It has a large north facing window, but no skylight, and two windows overlooking the courtyard. Access is either from the courtyard, which involves following the ramp down to the cellars and then up a flight of steps to the external walkway, or level access through the main building entrance (Studio 12 also known as Moffat Lindner Room), taking the lift down one level, and then along the external walkway.

Previous occupants include: Sigisbert Bosch Reitz, Moffat Lindner, Trevor Bell, Roger Hilton, Anthony Benjamin, Michael Snow, Karl Weschke, Douglas Portway.
Current occupant: Sax Impey.