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Studio 9 is at the eastern end of the building overlooking the beach. Its external walls are all masonry, and it has a north facing window and skylight.

This studio was originally much larger and had probably three windows overlooking the courtyard, but was reduced during the renovations to accommodate the lift, internal staircase, toilets and plant room.

Studios 9 and 10 may have been the first purpose built artists’ studios in St Ives, dating from c1890, and with access only from the courtyard. An internal stairway connected the two studios. Access to Studio 9 is still from the courtyard, which involves following the ramp down to the cellars and then up a flight of steps to the external walkway, but it also has level access through the main building entrance (Studio 12 also known as Moffat Lindner Room), taking the lift down one level, and then along the external walkway.

Previous occupants include: Alfred Hartley, Alixe Jean Shearer Armstrong, Isobel Heath, Robert Adams, Karl Weschke, Sandra Blow, Richard Nott, Linder, Nicolas Deshayes, Danny Fox, Caragh Turing, Sarah Ball, Katie Schwab, Jayne Anita Smith, Rana Begum, Amelie Groezinger and Sue Webster.
Current occupant: Jonathan Baldock.