Danny Fox

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    what are cornish boys to do
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    Danny Fox in Porthmeor Studio 5
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    Floral Bondage (2015)
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    The Shadows That Trees Make (2016)

Danny Fox

Porthmeor Studio 5 (2014), 9 (2015), 5 (2017)

Danny Fox (b 1986) is a prolific producer of big, punchy, crude paintings often of lone cowboys and cavalrymen on horseback, bullfighters, ugly sex scenes and ladyboys. He is a sort of self-made artist, who has avoided art education and some of the typical routes of professional development, and this personal narrative, however insignificant in terms of his sophistication as an artist, is unmistakable present within the work.

Danny’s work appears both uninhibited by traditional values and seemingly indifferent to aesthetic trends in contemporary art. This is apparent in the unaffected crudeness of his imagery and paint handling and the earnestness of his subject matter. Danny is not playing his game unawares, however. He grew up in St Ives, Cornwall, which has a rich heritage as an outpost for modern and contemporary art, with its own culture and mythologies. (Simon Bayliss).


LA-based artist Danny Fox was the first established artist on the Porthmeor Artists’ Residency programme. He was born and raised in St. Ives inches away from Porthmeor Studios and Alfred Wallis’ cottage, and initially intrigued by the plaque on the wall of Wallis’ cottage, the influence of Wallis’ paintings can be now be seen in his work.

I was very pleased for the opportunity to return to St. Ives and work in such a beautiful studio. The time was very productive and I was made to feel very welcome by all of the residents and staff at Porthmeor. I hope to come back one day.

Danny’s recent shows include:
A Spoon With The Bread Knife, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen 2016
Adder Among Choughs, Sotheby’s, Los Angeles 2016
Onions Under Water, Sotheby’s, New York 2016
As He Bowed His Head To Drink, The Redfern Gallery, London 2015