St Ives School of Painting

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St Ives School of Painting

Porthmeor Studios, Studios 13 & 14
Porthmeor Studios

When the St Ives School of Painting opened in April 1938, it was the fulfilment of a vow made by two young officers who had served in the trenches some twenty years earlier. Borlase Smart and Leonard Fuller vowed that if they survived the horrors of the Western Front they would one day live and paint in St Ives.

Since 1938, the school has continuously been running art classes at the Porthmeor Studios. Their varied course programme attracts students from far and wide, to be taught by practicing artists, in historic surroundings, at the centre of St Ives’ thriving arts community.

Courses range from a few hours, to a few days to a full year and students are a mix of professional artists, dedicated amateurs and complete beginners.