Porthmeor Residencies

Danny Fox. The Ballad Of 6th Street
Katie Schwab. A Portable Mural
Tamara Henderson. Seasons End Out of Body

Three of the Porthmeor studios (Studios 5, 9 and 11) are used at times for the Porthmeor Artists Residency Programme, Tate St Ives Artists Programme and the Falmouth University Transitions Programme.

Daniel Sinsel is here until end of June supported by the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust. Michael Dean arrives in August.

The Porthmeor Artists Residency Programme

A new SWCTN Porthmeor Residency Open Call – deadline 18th June

We have an Open Call out for artists interested in working in the field of immersion with immersive tech (any tech that supports an immersive experience). This is the first time that the Porthmeor Artists Residency Programme has targeted artists working with digital mediums, which has been made possible through a partnership with the South West Creative Technology Network. Here are the application details. For Frequently Asked Questions about this application click here.

Our 2019 guest artists supported by The Porthmeor Fund, John S Cohen Foundation, Porthmeor Patrons  and Arts Council England are:
Lubaina Himid MBE: April & May
Steve Claydon: May
Michael Dean: August, September & October
The 2019 Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust supported emerging artist is:
Daniel Sinsel: April, May and June

This summer there are also Falmouth University student and graduate Residencies, and a Tate Collective Porthmeor Residency for local young artists. The SWCTN Porthmeor Residency invites artists working with immersive technologies to Porthmeor October – December 2019.

This world-class Residency Programme is inspired by events in 1959 – the year when emerging artist Francis Bacon rented Studio 3 for six months to work towards his debut show and American painter Mark Rothko visited to share ideas with studio tenant artists Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron and Terry Frost. This combination of a unique artistic heritage, a collaborative spirit and a sense of place is the foundation of our Programme which provides space for artists to develop new work without the pressure of exhibiting.

The Residency Programme started in 2017, and is supported by Arts Council England Catalyst, The Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust, The Porthmeor Fund, The John S Cohen Foundation and a two generous donors who wish to remain anonymous. To continue we need support from Porthmeor Patrons and Corporate Partners. Please click here for more information or call 01736 339 338.

Porthmeor Residency Artists to date: Katie Schwab, Danny Fox, Tamara HendersonVeronica Ryan, Amelie Blendl, Jonathan Baldock, Lubaina Himid MBE and Daniel Sinsel

Tate St Ives Artists Programme
Tate St Ives have been using Porthmeor Studios for their Artists Programme since 2003, when Partou Zia was their first artist in residence. The Artists Programme supports the development of diverse artistic practices, providing a productive environment that values experimentation and risk, discussion and debate.

Tate St Ives Artists Programme to date: Partou Zia, Ged Quinn, Kerstin Kartscher, Nick Evans, Jonty Lees, Linder, Marie Toseland, Nicolas Deshayes, Lucy Stein, LUX, Torsten Lauschmann, Lucy Joyce, France-Lise McGurn, Jessica Warboys, Morten Norbye Halvorsen and Rana Begum.

Falmouth School of Art’s Transition Porthmeor Residency
Porthmeor Studios also hosts the Transition Porthmeor Residency programme for the School of Art at Falmouth University, in which selected recent graduates are offered a short residency soon after their graduation.

Transition Residency artists to date: Elin Barker, Maisie Blackburn Scott, Nicholas Popham, Hana Omori, Rachael Baskeyfield, Joanna Hulin, Anna-Karin Waara, Charmaine Honeychurch, Polly Maxwell, Lulu Richards Cottell, Demelza James, Rob Davis, Jo Owst, Lily Thomson, Edward Spencer, Sophia Rosenthal, Sofia Fernandes, Samuel Morris, Holly Doran, Olivia Brelsford-Massey, Ella Squirrell, Aleksander Grzybek.