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Leach Jugs

Leach Jugs


These Leach Jugs were commissioned by the Trust to commemorate the renovation of Porthmeor Studios in 2012. Designed by renowned ceramicist Jack Doherty as a contemporary interpretation of a traditional south west slipware shape, he used the Leach Potteries standard clay from Dobles in St Agnes with a small addition of iron oxide which gives the reddish brown colouring.

The forms were thrown on the potter’s wheel with a traditional pulled handle, and finished with the four colours of the Leach tableware range: Black, Gold, Russet and Grey, the winter colours of the moors around St Ives. They were soda fired, meaning that no glaze was applied to the forms; a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and water is sprayed into the kiln at high temperature, the resulting sodium vapour circulates through the kiln and where it touches the white hot pots it reacts with the silica content of the clay producing a subtle glaze and texture.

Height 16 cm, diameter 13 cm